27 06 2012

Warning, this post contains very little information regarding Polyphasic sleeping, or my nootropic regime I will be starting soon. This is because I am waiting for some feedback on several questions I asked on a leading forum for nootropic regimes before I decide on my polyphasic sleep regime. I’m leaning towards doing the Dymaxion schedule due to the inability to feel tired enough to go to sleep for my naps on the Uberman schedule I had in my last attempt. I want to write up the information regarding the nootropics on the day I’m starting them to keep things simple, and to have more content for that post. I’m not really sure on how much I can write about a first day’s experience when the main effects of them aren’t supposed to start for at least a couple of weeks. I may do attack doses which will give me something more to write about, but let’s just wait and see how I feel tomorrow when I’ll hopefully be getting them.

So, it’s come to this, the point of this entire post, the back story of my absence. A little diligence, and rereading my previous posts for where I left off and what I’ve mentioned and what I’ve withheld would probably of been pretty awesome on my part, but you should probably already know that I am a horrible blogger. So…moving on.  Let’s start with the question that’s been plaguing no one’s mind since It’s been two years since I last wrote any actual content on this blog.
What caused my failure at polyphasic sleeping last two times I tried it. Well, simply put, depression. It’s really hard to wake up after thirty minutes when all you want to do is lay in bed all day and sleep, not for being tired or not, but just not to be awake. Furthermore, being locked in a room during the hardest hours in switching from a monophasic sleep schedule isn’t really conducive to succeeding either.
Why haven’t I tried again at polyphasic sleeping sooner? Well let’s just start the backstory here and start the narrative instead of Q&A. As you probably know, I started my polyphasic sleep experience straight off of a break-up, thinking that things would only get better as that relationship got very poisonous and we’d be better out of the relationship. Well, the lovely thing about letting someone see inside is that they know exactly have to manipulate you. This caused the end of the first attempt. Amazing part is that for some reason I let her get inside my head enough to cause the second attempt’s failure also. I thought all of that would be in my past once I went to Stillwater. However, several suicidal phone calls and me already going through the depression of my grandfather passing led me back down the same path. Honestly, I’m probably on that path at the moment. Or at least it would seem that from the outside. I am still halfway dating the same girl in question. We’ve already talked, and the relationship is absolutely over when I move back to Stillwater. In fact, she is moving to Iowa at about the same point that I will be starting school. So, this time I won’t be in close proximity to her during this attempt. Furthermore, I have fully realized exactly what she does to me, and how exactly she does it. We’re trying to “enjoy our time together while we still have it”, and after that we will part ways. However, that does not seem to be going the way she would want it to. It’s not really bringing us closer together, it’s just sorta doing exactly what familiarity does, or so they say.

Let’s see, granfather, girlfriend… I guess I should actually talk about college considering the blog name and all. This will also explain why I haven’t attempted a polyphasic sleeping schedule sooner. So after the second round of polyphasic sleep failure, with the situation that happened with the ex and all, I finally got away to Stillwater. I lived in one of the apartment style dorms with three other room mates. Honestly, it was kind of like a sitcom with all of us going in potpourri. We had me (long-hair hippy look), a good ole Texan (clothing fit our school’s motif really well, Cowboys), an overly energetic sheltered Christian Football player (I don’t say Christian as a slight against Christianity, just a quip that I’ll really get), and a wanna be rapper scrawny sheltered white boy (So fresh, he’s clean. Another quip, he was by no means good) As for the sitcom situation, me and the country boy definitely appreciated our share of extracurriculars, our wanna-be rapper did too, but let’s face it, no one wanted to be around him. Our extracurriculars would annoy our football player room mate, which caused unnaturally comical situations including one time with the country boy stealing the football player’s cellphone mid-conversation with his girlfriend and started hitting on her. This immediately turned into a 1v1 game of keep away with a drunken country boy running all around an apartment complex from a charging football player. Other notable highlight of that semester was that the wanna-be rapper didn’t know what a breaker box was. So, needless to say, his room and bathroom would lose power for stretches of time. The best time being him returning from a trip home, going to the bathroom in the dark only to find out that the toilette was covered in saran wrap. Came out of the bathroom saying, “Man, if I find out who…” this is the point in time it all clicks in his head, *walks to room and sits in dark for 2 hours. Might sound cruel, but you would do the exact same if you had to deal with the side effects of how sheltered he was. Sounds like a fun semester, right? Well not including the calls or the death, it was. In fact, it was a bit too much fun. I ended up with a 1.7 that semester.
I’m going to be quite a bit more brief with my second semester. Long story short, I joined a fraternity, really fun times ensued, I ended with a 1.15 GPA after it. So…. I failed out of college. After wallowing in self pity, I got a job at a movie theater. If you have the option in life, don’t. It really sucks, people are so annoying and love to complain about any given thing. No, I’m sorry, I can’t turn up the volume, we literally just got a complain that it too loud by the person in front of you. Horrible bosses was such an ironic show to be playing while I worked there. Don’t get me wrong, I liked a lot of aspects of that place, and some managers and supervisors were cool, its just the GM, SM and the others who thought they were amazing for getting promoted for being awesome at working at the movies. My advice doesn’t apply if you get the chance to be a projectionist, that job is actually pretty fun. This job had a very sporadic schedule, so polyphasic sleeping simply wasn’t an option. Obviously it wasn’t possible while in the sea of self loathing that was living at my mother’s house with no job and freshly failed out of school. After I quit the movies, I got a job with the state gov’ment. Off the bat, I got a 50% raise from what I was making at the movies. Yay for not making minimum wage. After two months there, I got bumped up again and was making rougly 180% of what I was when I was working the movies. Pretty nice increase, however working 8 on the clock, 9 total hour days coming home, feeling depressed for not going to college and some extracurriculars thrown in here and there doesn’t make for a suitable environment for polyphasic sleep either. This brings you up to speed with me putting in my two-weeks’ notice in yesterday and that I should be getting the nootropics in tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I will be posting about nootropics one way or another. Hopefully it will be a day 1/what they are post. Cool stuff coming down the pipe. Also, I finally saw the layout on a non-work non-horribleinternetbrowser computer, as of right now I’m fine with it. So, it will stay for now, who knows in the future.

See ya tomorrow
p.s. First time I haven’t said a certain phrase at any time in my post.
Hint- look at my sign off line


Third Time’s the Charm

25 06 2012

First, sorry about being late for the… well let’s just say sorry for being late all the time. I’m going to reserve this post just for the logistics of how I will be making this next polyphasic attempt, and where I’ll be and stuff along those lines. I’ll do a completely seperate post just going over stuff about my life and where I’m currently at and stuff. It’s been two years ladies and gentlemen (of the nonexistant variety), sorry to say that I haven’t grown up much in the time since my last post.
On to the actual content, I suppose. For starters, I will be attempting this schedule starting probably 7/8/12. That’s the day I will be hopefully moving into my house in Stillwater along with one of the two of my room mates. I’m currently working, however, I have turned my two weeks’ notice today. So, if the situation with the house doesn’t work out, I’ll still have the benefit of having no employment to interfere with my adaptation period. In sumary 7/8, be there. Not really, because I’m horrible with posting on time. Just giving you a heads up as to this blogs revival timeframe.
Cool thing about the house that we’re moving into is… it’s not my mother’s house. I’ll be living with two other college kids. So, I won’t be confined after 9pm. Being locked in a room and expected to get through the miserable hours to dawn as a zombie are nearly impossible. Out of my two room mates, one of them (if he’s still on the same sleeping schedule as I last remember) will stay up until 4-6am if he doesn’t have anything to do. the other one will hopefully keep his 9-5 work schedule’s sleep schedule and wake up at a semi-early time. Furthermore, I’m fairly positive that I know enough people in Stillwater that I’ll be able to keep company if I so desire it. This will help immensly, as last time, I spent a majority of my entire polyphasic sleeping experiment alone, or with my mom (who for one reason or another, I cannot stand when I am sleep deprived, even though we have a decent relationship normally). This also means that I get to save myself the embarrasment of littering every post I type with “my mother” “my mom” or any other such nuisance that makes me feel like I am 12 instead of 20.
The other major change I plan to make is the addition of nootropics into my daily regime. Which means….. That I will have a whole new aspect to talk about in this blog. I will be starting out with a stack of Piracetam, sulbutiamine, and Alpha-GDC. I’ll hopefully be starting those either tomorrow or sometime later this week. So, until I start my next venture in polyphasic sleeping, I will be making posts about my experience with these nootropics. I will also be making a post either later today or tomorrow about what exactly a nootropic is, and what each of what I will be taking will hopefully do. For now, if these work at all like they are supposed to, then the adaptation period should be much easier. I still have to do some research as to dosing times with consideration to the polyphasic sleeping. I’ll go to that in more detail in the next post.
So, for my closing remarks: I’m not sure on whether I should try a Dymaxion schedule or an Uberman schedule again. I have my classes in college set up so I will be able to do the Uberman schedule. All that means though is that Dymaxion will just work better with that schedule. Perhaps a hybrid between the two, I’m honestly not quite sure at all. I’m also thinking about putting in Saturday, and perhaps Friday as Everyman days to take some of the stress of college weekends off of the sleeping schedule. If anyone reads this before July 8th, go ahead and weigh in.

Thank you for your time in reading, sorry I have wasted it so far. Hopefully the third time will be the charm
p.s. Depending on how it looks on a non-work non-Internet 7 computer, I may change the layout a bit.

Day 748: I’m baaccckkk

20 06 2012

Sorry, I completely forgot I had ever started the blog. I don’t really know why I stopped writing, I guess I’ll just jump back in. The good- I found consistency and how to get polyphasic sleep to actually work out for me. The bad- I haven’t been able to implement these thoughts. Wouldn’t that of been pretty cool if I didn’t just make up that number for the post title. I sure think so. Do not fret, though! I shall be attempting implementing a polyphasic sleep schedule into a college life. I will be moving into a house with two friends in about two weeks from now. At that point, I will have almost a month of living in my college’s town before school will formally begin. I will be working, along with attending school. Right now my main concern is finding a job where I can get a reliable schedule.

Sorry, I’m attempting at throwing all of this information in one post, but I just decided against that. So, more posts in the near future (tonight or tomorrow) about the situation of why I failed at polyphasic sleeping, and what has been happening since, and where I hope to go with this blog.

Hopefully I’ll at least live up to the University part of the name of this blog this time and take it into college. Kinda stupid to have a blog with university in the name if ya don’t even continue it to college. Here that teenage me? You suck! Haha

If you’ve managed to read through to here, thank you very much.

Day Blah Blah Blah

25 07 2010

In case no one has noticed, I’ve been absent from writing on this for some time now. It is because  I have been swamped, and crashed and whatnot. I’m gonna try to knock this out in a paragraph or two, so here it goes:

Am I still doing polyphasic sleeping? Yes, and no. Some of these days, I’ve just been too tired to have been able to wake up after 30 minutes. Also, apparently, not only can I successfully operate a touchscreen phone in my sleep and turn off an alarm; but I can also yell angry responses too. So, human alarm clocks also do not work for me. My body has to be willing to be woken up for me to have a hope. That being said, I’ve decided to switch back to Uberman. However, I immediately ran into the same problems I had with my last run with Uberman. Now, I am on SPAMYL-sleep polyphasically as much as you like. However, I still average about 4ish naps per day. So, I guess I’m mostly on a non equidistant Dymaxion, with exceptions where I either oversleep (monophasic days) or have Uberman days. I’m not really in any form of consistency right now, nor am I anymore adapting or anything due to my hectic schedule.

Don’t fret, though. I’m gonna try consistency again, and get this up and going. No matter what, consistency will be obtained in 3 weeks for that is when I move into my on campus apartment. That is also the time when all my crap disappears, which I am unbelievably excited for.

Thanks for reading, sorry for being an inconsistent blogger

ps: I apparently have about 3 readers per day on average now. Does anyone know if this is the same person all 3 times, or are they unique hits?

2:5/2:6 Ctrl+r

12 07 2010

“Two days combined into one. That could be easier to get through. Ya know with all the fluff he adds like feelings and such. OH DEAR GOD!!! IT’S GOING TO BE LIKE READING A TERRIBLE NOVEL!!” -Reader who has visited this blog before
Trust me, this is not going to be extreme in length. In fact, it might even be shorter than my usual posts. The reason: my waking hours for the past two days have amounted to a normal day for me. I literally slept for 11 hours straight on day 5, and 10 hours straight on day 6.

To tell the truth. I sunk into a lethargic state. It wasn’t depressed, although it was less than in a decent mood. I just never wanted to get up. I don’t really have that much more to put into this paragraph. I’m frustrated with these days. So, I really don’t want to put much thought into them. Just believe me when I say that you should always have something to do. Also, not to lie in bed and get warm. Instant sleep, nothing more needs to be said.

When I went to sleep, I could tell that I was going to oversleep. I don’t know much how to describe it. I could feel my body preparing for a core sleep and not a 3o minute nap. I didn’t know how to counter this, other than set multiple alarms. Much to my dismay, I disabled them all and shut off my semi-gradual wake-up music. If I did wake-up in a time near when I fell asleep, I would immediately go back to sleep. This was because I was in a lethargic mood. I didn’t want to move, and without movement, there was only sleep.

Magic new paragraph. OOOooohhhhh (read as ghost moans). This is just here because I didn’t want to do another p.s. So, now on to the point. For the midnight nap getting out of day 6 I finally got around to creating a 30 minute gradual wake-up playlist. It’s all Gorillaz, as that has become mini-obsession lately. I tried it out, and holy hell! I woke up feeling amazing. My last song even woke me up before my alarm went off. I had so much energy it was pathetic.

Thank you for reading

p.s. I like the theme I have now better than what it was.

2:4 You should already know how this day went

10 07 2010

If you didn’t read my last post, I guess I’ll explain what you should know. Otherwise, this would become twitter, and suck. Anyways, I don’t have that much to talk about on this opening paragraph. Intro word or phrase, blah blah blah. In case you didn’t know, this is how ninety percent of my sentences are structured; or at least it feels like it. I could leave  off the commas and look like everyone else, but that would be cheating as they always will be like this. So, blah blah now onto my second paragraph.

I will just skip to the second half of today for my personal stuff. Pregaming for college parties happened again today. This time I got to partake in fun games. Afterwards, I went and hung out with some different friends for a bit of legal insanity. I’m still amazingly impressed with that last bit. That might be my favorite extracurricular activity now. Aside from this, I had a good text conversation with my ex. We are actually making pretty good friends. Sometimes it gets very awkward. However, once we get passed that point we have pretty good, innocent fun. I’m going to hang out with her a bit before she goes to work tomorrow. Now, onto the third paragraph.

If you haven’t noticed, I have very little to post about. Here is why: I slept for 11 hours today. Skipping the nap after pushing back that nap for so long killed me. This is what you should of already knew would happen. I don’t look back at this as a setback or an oversleep I got up, but chose to go to sleep after getting up. It would of been impossible to stay up, but I still made a lazy choice by sleeping instead of toughing it out. I’m back on schedule now. I feel rested. So, it’s not like the 11 hour coma has ruined my ability to take naps. It’s also not that I overslept without knowing why I did. That is what makes me furious; when I set an alarm and everything, then wake up several hours later. I learned the consequences of skipping a nap. I also learned that it is not impossible to delay naps for an hour and forty minutes for me. So, I would not take back the learning experience that was yesterday.

Thanks for reading

p.s. I’m sorry if the partying and what not is not what you want to read about. I really don’t want to offend any potential readers, but this sleep blog is about being a polyphasic sleeper in a college setting. To think that there will not be partying in college is at least very optimistic. People also always ask how polyphasic people respond after a long night. This can help them. For those people who look down and whatnot, you can think of me as what not to do while trying to adapt :). Sorry again if you don’t like those parts. Keep reading.

2:3 College preparation

9 07 2010

I’m going to start out this post with me telling you that today was a very odd day. Not one percent of it went like my normal days do. Granted this is hyperbole, but nonetheless it is so much so that you need to be prepared for the absurdity that is my name. Now, thanks to my awesome writing skills I better have seen a flying unicorn or you are going to be severely let down. I’m sorry to tell you it is the latter of the two. However, this is a sleep blog, if you are expecting me to see magic unicorns you may not be that far off. Sleep deprivation does weird things to people. Also, if I had seen unicorns, I would hope someone around be would either slip me sleeping pills or have me institutionalized.

Since this section is about my personal life and such, you will here about the absurdness of today. Just keep in mind that this is probably a lot more exciting firsthand and with a level of sleep deprivation. I’ll go chronologically for the first time in my life. I started out by going to see my grandparents. The set with the terminal grandfather. I enjoyed my visit. I had to take a nap while there, and I had to explain my sleep schedule to my grandmother. That was an odd endeavor in itself. After the visit with them, I headed back home. As soon as I got home I got a call from my college advisor. After finding out that I should change which major is my primary major from now on, and I have to transfer between the school’s colleges, I mention the possibility of having to drop a class on my schedule if I were to pass an AP test. At this point she decided to tentatively drop me from that class. While going to drop me she got a pop-up from the school’s enrollment system. Apparently, the first round of AP test results were sent to the college. Out of the 4 they recieved, I passed all 4. This means that I do not have to take any English class in college. Also, I get to tell my European History teacher, who is now one of my friends, to suck it, because he often said that I wouldn’t pass the test.  Yet I did. Haha. After this amazingness, I was invited out to hang out with friends. This is where the title of this post comes from. I definitely pregamed for college. Legal substances only, which is a weird thought that tonight’s activities weren’t in any way illegal. Cool, I guess?

Now onto the repercussions of my social life onto my nap schedule. I’ll start out by saying that I slept normal at midnight. Woke up energized and such. Made it until 5:20 and then I started laying really still without realizing it. So, I gradually reached mega zombie mode before it was time for my nap. After the nap, I got up normally. Then, at 7, I went and got back in my bed. Long story short, I woke up at 8. Not that bad of an oversleep at all. I could almost consider it an added nap. After I woke up, I headed down to my grandparents. I helped them out on some chores and stuff. Then, I started getting amazingly tired. It turns out that I forgot about my 12pm nap, it was 1:45. I thought I was going to die, or oversleep, or something. However, I had a normal nap. Got up slightly after 30 minutes and was completely out of sorts. This prompted the explanation of my sleep schedule to my grandmother. I drove home. Got home, and had a normal 6 pm nap. I was still expecting the bounceback from the overly delayed nap. Then, I was invited to hang out with some friends at 8. We ended up hanging out until 2ish in the morning. If you didn’t infer from that last sentence, I’ll spell it out. I didn’t take my 12am nap. This is even more drastic to me considering the overly delayed nap in the same day. When I got home, I decided I would experiment and not take the 12am nap instead of taking it at 2. I’m writing this at 4:33 right now. I am definitely doin the zombie right now. I do think I have had some semblance of a nap tonight. While watching a move, I had several periods of micronapping. After about 5 of these, I felt pretty refreshed. I wonder if they help so much now because of my body’s ability to compress sleep cycles down??? I guess the world will never know.

Thanks for reading

p.s. Like I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned, I am an example of someone who screws up at the rules of this, and still endures through. May you’re experience with polyphasic sleeping be enhanced by your glimpse into the stupidity that is me being a polyphasiac.